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Jan 2016 - Risk Analysis.

We recently renewed our Insurance. We carry third party insurance for any mishaps, but as you know the UK is becoming increasing risk averse for certain issues. We therefore need to make sure that we comply with the insurance requirements. As a consequence, the Committee has put together a brief Risk Analysis, that is linked to below, setting out the key risks that we face and what members need to do to avoid those risks. We need to make it clear that the risks for members have not increased over the past 10 years but we need to clearly set them out. There will also be an Accident Record Book available that will be kept in the cupboard in the hall and all accidents will need to be entered into it. This will be done on notification to a Committee member. We also need to keep a register of attendance in case of fire. There will be one available at the door and we would be obliged if you could sign in for each meeting.